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All our forest school information and pictures for the new school year will be posted over there :).

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Big stars little stars

On Friday afternoon we had the last joint session with children from year 5 and day care. This is such a special group for so many reasons. It has been such a joy and privilege to be part of it. All of the children made us so proud and we have learnt so much about perseverance and empathy by watching the children’s relationships grow. Some of the youngest children had never been to the woods before and were quite new to day care so they needed lots of support to encourage their confidence and independence. It hasn’t only been our youngest children who have developed in confidence. It has been amazing watching how the year 5 children grew more confident as they supported and encouraged the younger children. It really has been amazing. Thank you all!

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Using tools gives us lots of opportunities to talk about safety and responsibility. Using the fire steels on Friday did just that. 

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Ready Steady Play

I love RSP and getting to meet some of the children who will be starting nursery in September. It’s always great to meet the new families (even if I already know some of them from Rising Stars).

Today didn’t disappoint, we had two groups in the woods today. We went on a bear hunt, painted with mud, looked for bugs and had lots of fun. We even toasted our own marshmallows. I can’t wait to spend more time in the woods with our new, super explorers!

Thank you to everyone who came to play in the woods today, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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Totally wonderful Tuesday and Wednesday

There has been so much learning this week, lots of smiles and laughter and loads of chatter. It has been brilliant! Not just because of the great weather but because of our amazing learners.

Have a look at some of the pictures of what we have been doing.


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Another Marvellous Monday

This morning our groups were trying new skills or practising skills they had tried before. It was good to see the perseverance. I loved seeing the children supporting each other and giving advice to each other about techniques they find easier.

This afternoon y2JJ continued their training to become super heroes. This training starts as soon as you join WCPS and continues even after you leave. It starts by suppprting everyone to become a super learning hero. This week we were practising our noticing skills by drawing what we could see and hear in the woods.


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Friday Fun

What an amazing day we had on Friday. Lots of fun and learning!
Year 4 were finding out about materials and their properties. They were looking for the best materials to insulate their bottle babies. They needed to work together to make decisions. They were really good at reading the thermometers.

The year 5 and Rising Stars group had lots of fun exploring.

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A day full of sunshine and learning

It has been a hub of learning in the woods again today. Firstly F1 were showing us just what super explorers they are. They are so confident and eager to play and learn in the woods.

This afternoon we had a small year 3 group and so we were able to do something different.

The children needed to listen really carefully and remember lots of directions, this meant they needed to really concentrate to manage their distractions. They were able to do this and had such good fun learning a new skill and all about the safety aspects involved.


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Year 2JJ noticing detectives


What amazing listening and turn taking this afternoon. The children were really good at describing what they could feel when they had the blindfold on. 

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F2LP were such super Noticing Nigels this morning. They found things that looked interesting and then afterwards we took turns to use our other senses  when we were blindfolded. 

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