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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Friday fun

I have had a great day today with some very different groups and seen lots of different learning muscles being stretched. Have a look at some of the things we have been doing and see what sort of things we have been thinking about while we have been having fun. What learning muscles do you … Continue reading »

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Welcome to The Stone Age

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to our year 5 class , you were truly amazing today. Our teaching school visitors were so impressed with your attitude to learning and your behaviour. You really made your school proud! Secondly thank you to everyone who came along to our Stone Age day, I … Continue reading »

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Challenge Wednesday

This afternoon the year 4 teams were given a challenge, they had to move action man from one tree to another without him touching the floor. Each group had a set of equipment which they could use if they wanted. The most important tools for this task though were their learning muscles, especially their collaboration, … Continue reading »

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Thoughtful learners

In the woods it is especially important to be aware of there when we are moving about so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others. This morning I saw lots of examples of children not only being aware f others when they were playing but I saw them being really thoughtful and kind to each … Continue reading »

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What amazing explorers

Have a look at our pictures to see how absorbed the children were in their learning today. Can you spot them collaborating? They were learning about some of the trees in our woods. Can you name any of the trees we have in our woods? We were also helping Gerald the dragon out by building … Continue reading »

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Marvellous Monday

Have a look at what we have been doing today. It has been so much fun, we didn’t even mind that it was cold and rainy because we were so absorbed.

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Fantastic Friday

I was blown away this afternoon by Y3 JW. They were absorbed in their play and learning and really stretched their collaboration muscles to build traps to capture that pesky, enormous crocodile. The traps were really detailed and so needed lots of perseverance to get them just right. I loved seeing all of the collaboration … Continue reading »

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Listening is important

Our other group this morning talked about how important it is to listen. We talked about how listening can help us learn things and how it can keep us safe. We found out how listening can be a good tool when we are stretching our collaboration muscles. We put this into practice by making dens … Continue reading »

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Thursday morning fun

We started this morning with a group of children from Rising Stars, we had lots of fun looking under things to find worms. We notice that they were wiggly and cold. Some of us thought they felt wet. They sure did move fast.  

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Guess who is still on the loose!

Yes, it’s the enormous crocodile. We are still trying to catch him. We decided to make some posters as well as traps so that everyone would know he is still around.

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