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FUNshiny Day

Posted by on March 28, 2017

This morning F2KB heard all about Stanley’s stick before we went to the woods. Once in the woods we found lots of different things to do with sticks. The children played music with them, dug with them, stirred with them, carried them and so many more things. It was a super morning where the children really stretched their imagination muscles to create lots of different things. Have a look at our video to see how the children were playing together, the morning went so quickly because we were so busy.  Oh the fun you can have with sticks, crates and a few pots and pans!

This afternoon Year 4 stretched lots of learning muscles. I was so impressed with how the children worked together, they really showed that they understood what skills are needed to be super collaborators, it was brilliant to see how they were planning and sharing ideas with each other. The second activity needed them to stretch this learning muscle even more along with their empathy learning muscle. I am so proud with how well year 4 worked together this afternoon.


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