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Busy Wednesday

Posted by on March 29, 2017

Wednesday is a very busy day in the woods. We have five different groups through the day on Wednesday, all doing different things. I find it really interesting to see what different groups get interested and absorbed with, especially when they have the same things available to use.  The same is true when we have a bigger group. I love watching how the children join up with friends and take their play and learning in different directions. I really enjoy seeing how a simple idea from one of the children can grow in to a really complex or sophisticated game. These games create loads of opportunities for the children to stretch their learning muscles, particularly their noting, persevering, collaboration and empathy muscles.

OOPS! I forgot to post these collages from Monday. Monday morning was a fabulous morning with some children who are starting nursery after Easter. They came along with their families. In the afternoon y2 continued their learning about living things.

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